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In today’s market your business must be visible online!  Leverage the power of online tools, including social media, to successfully introduce yourself to your ideal clients.

Our services are perfect for you: 

  • if you’re launching a new business
  • if you’re ready to build your business and get noticed online
  • if you need a plan to get started with social media
  • if you have an existing business but need to audit, update, and produce new content for your social channels
  • if you want to get noticed and draw new customers with Facebook Advertising
  • if you need a website quickly and affordably

Increase sales for your book, product, hotel, restaurant, or event you’re working on with creative and authentic social media content and ads from a proven social media marketing professional.


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“Teresa Baumgardner is a social media powerhouse. She stays on top of the latest trends, knows what works and what doesn’t, and how to increase exposure in ways that are authentic to the brand. I also appreciate her ability to ebb and flow with my firm’s needs and customize her skillset per what we need for each client. You should hire Teresa, but don’t keep her so busy that she doesn’t have time for me!”

B. Fernandez – Studio B Creative

Social Media Powerhouse

Teresa made designing a webpage for my new small business quick and painless. She had me up and running with a beautiful design in no time. She even checks in to give me tips on different ways to attract more clients with both my webpage and other platforms on social media. If the task of designing a webpage and jumping into social media seems daunting, I highly recommend calling her!

Sandie Wikoff, Alternabirth

Quick & Painless Website and Social Media

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