5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Using WordPress

WordPress is one of those tools that you love and hate at the same time. Amiright?

I want to share 5 things I learned while creating websites that will help you avoid some of the frustrating moments I ran into.

#1 WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org
There’s a difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Say what? I guess I never thought about it. Basically, if you’re a regular person, not a programmer with your own hosting server, you’ll be using WordPress.com. WordPress.org is for hosting your own site and you can do a lot more, but you have to know a lot more about programming.

#2 You have to have a Premium (paid) account in order to have a custom domain
Wordpress has a free version but in order to have your own fancy domain name, you have to at least have the Personal plan on your account. Plans are listed with all the supported features here: https://wordpress.com/pricing/

#3 Go Daddy custom nameservers are the key to making your website work
You’ve created your account and purchased your domain name (I use Go Daddy, but you have other options) but your site is not showing up yet. You need to create custom nameservers to point to WordPress. This is more technical than most people want to deal with, but if you don’t do it, your site will never work. Log into Go Daddy and find your DNS Management information to customize your nameservers.

#4 Themes are awesome until they aren’t
You’re ready to customize your site and you select a theme you like. Now, it’s time to make it look like the demo and let’s just say it’s not exactly working out the way you envisioned. My best tip for customizing the theme is to look at the customization tips that WordPress provides. Once you click My Sites, you’ll see Themes and Customize. If you’re just starting out WordPress will provide a link to help for customizing the theme.

#5 There are two places to customize your site in WordPress
You’re in WordPress and now you’re looking around and can’t figure out where to start customizing. As I have learned, there are two ways to do similar customization in WordPress. One is to start at My Site > Theme > Customize and the other is found on the WP Admin Dashboard.

One more thing.

Building a website can be fun and challenging and I hope these tips help you avoid a little frustration. If I can help you set up your WordPress site, contact me and let’s talk.

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