What Does a Good Social Media Manager Do?

Lately, I’ve seen some ads for $49 dollar a month social media managers and I can’t help but think that there are business owners out there who might think that’s a good deal. I’m going to detail here what a good social media manager does and why it pays to go with a professional.

Your social media manager is not only working on social media, but they are also doing a lot more:

Brand Evangelist
A good social manager is passionate for your brand and is a role model (in the voice and tone of your brand in both posts and comments) for the type of people that you to attract to your business. A good social manager is able to adapt to a clients voice, having true empathy and understand of the language of the company.

Communication Liaison
A good social manager is always listening and monitoring what’s said in the community, allowing you to focus on the business of running the daily tasks of your business. As a passionate advocate, but also a neutral party, a good social media manager can play the intermediary role between company and community.

Social Content Developer
A good social manager creates content based on what the company provides; whether it be video, pictures, updates or blogging – creating a fresh supply of interesting posts from the company and about the community.

Event Promotion
A good social manager creates and promotes any online events and promotes any offline events through social.

Feedback & Analytics
A good social manager is able to use immediate feedback and social analytics and make actionable recommendations that the company can consider.

A good social manager has set hours of operation and means to be contacted during those hours. A good manager is not on call 24 hours a day, nor is the company. Communication means are set (email or text or phone) and both parties will remain true to those boundaries.

Clear Expectations
A good social manager will develop set clear expectations in writing; which includes all the tasks that they will provide. It is a detailed list of the number of posts, when they are posting and where. This document will help the social manager design a monthly retainer fee for the work, ensuring transparency on both sides of the table.

If you’re thinking of using a social media management company, think first about the cost vs. value you’ll receive from a faceless internet company who wants your $49 a month, with little to no return on your investment.

To get real results, hire a certified professional. If not me, then look around and find someone in your local area. There are many to choose from and you won’t be sorry you chose them.

If you are interested in learning more about the do’s and don’ts of hiring a social media manager, contact me about giving a presentation to your group.

Email teresa@baumgardnersocialmedia.com

This blog’s content was adapted from resources from the Social Media Manager School.

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