Teresa Baumgardner, Social Media Consultant
Thailand 2018


Lucky for you, I love social media! Social Media is changing the game for small businesses and consumers alike. If you aren’t already leveraging it’s power, your business may be left in the dust.

So, here’s the thing — social media doesn’t just happen, it takes planning. You need someone on your side who’s ready to take your plan and vision and put it into action online. That’s me!

I’m not gonna lie, I came to social media somewhat by accident. I spent years working in software, marketing, communications, and website design; never feeling fully excited about work. After some twists and turns, I’m now in Sonoma County and not wanting to go back to a 9-5 job. I decided to start my own social media consulting company in 2016 and over the course of the next couple years doubled my clientele. It seems a lot of folks need help with social media! Lucky me, I love it!

Now, with a high-schooler and a husband (who also has his own business) I’m excited about work and I love helping other women (and men) build their online visibility for their businesses.

As a parent and business owner, I know things are never perfect, we may have some trial and error to get things on the right track . But, I’m here with an open heart to help however I can. For me, (& I hope you too!) that’s a win. 

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Teresa Baumgardner

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