Facebook Ad Management for Small Business

You may be wondering if Facebook ads are right for your small business. What they can and can’t do for you? Well, they can get more of your potential customers to know who you are and what you sell for very little money (compared to other digital advertising). And that is the simple beauty of Facebook ads.

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One of the main reasons Facebook ads are so effective is that you can target both geographically and by interest(s). Spending as little as $5 per day on a great Facebook ad can open your business to many new or returning customers.

The options for a small business are to either learn to set up and run your own Facebook ads or to hire someone to do that work for you. Some small businesses are interested in learning how to set up and create ads, so training would be a potential step for those businesses. For others, they want to set up their budget and goals and then have a professional create the ad and monitor its success or identify where improvements can be made.

Baumgardner Social Media - Let your business bloom!

If you decide to go with a professional, this is what they will likely provide:

  • Set up the ads account
  • Research of competitors in your category
  • Recommend ad copy and imagery
  • Identify the best type of ad for your particular goals
  • Build the ad with the targeting in place and budget
  • Provide you with ad results
Facebook Ads Certified

If you feel your business can benefit from using Facebook ads, reach out to us and let’s talk about what makes sense for you!